Zaiba Afreen
Zaiba Afreen

Accepting criticism positively and using it to rebuild is the key to constantly grow in this industry

Zaiba Afreen

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Zaiba's passion for fashion compelled her to take up designing after her graduation in commerce. Her keen eye for details helps Zaiba transale her inspirations to her designs. As one of the rising stars in the community, we are excited to feature Zaiba in the latest Featured challenge, 'Micromania - Jute Edition'. Let's get to know more about her in this edition of Designer's Speak.

Tell us about you. What do you do? What have you studied?

I am a B.Com graduate, who recently completed a diploma in fashion design due to my immense interest in the field of fashion.

What sparked your interest in fashion designing?

During my graduation year, I stumbled upon a short course in fashion design, which drew me closer to this beautiful field that encouraged me to build a career out of it.

What are your emotions when you see your sketch come to reality?

Extremely happy and proud of myself

What are your sources of inspiration?

I am inspired by everything around me. Example people, nature, art, tradition, tribes etc.

How do you start to translate your inspiration into design?

I observe it carefully to try and bring in the elements of my inspiration into a design in the best possible way. The details may be small but my focus is always to bring the minor reflections of my inspiration in my designs.

How do you keep yourself up to date with current and future trends?

I follow fashion weeks , watch runways, take cues from celebrity styles, read fashion journals and magazines, social media and trend forecasting websites.

Do you design with any one in mind? A muse?

Not really, I focus on my larger customer base.

Are there any types of styles that you avoid wearing? Tell us more about your style

My personal styling revolves around comfortable outfit. Personally be it any occasion, I choose comfort over fashion trend.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started designing?

The biggest lesson I have ever learnt is to accept criticism. I have learned that accepting even the toughest criticism and knowing how to use it is a great benefit, because by accepting criticism positively and using it to rebuild, is the biggest key to constantly grow in this industry.

How did you come to be part of the hashboosh community?

I got to know about hashboosh through a friend.

What do you love most about

It is a great platform for fresh designers like me to translate my ideas and thoughts into designs and finally into an actual product that?s giving it life.

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