Ashwini Amur
Ashwini Amur

Biggest Lesson I have learnt, is always follow my heart.

Ashwini Amur

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Ashwini is an Instrumentation Engineer by training, but being an artist at heart, she has dived head first into the world of design and creativity. She juggles multiple roles in the creative space today from being the founder of her own brand to philanthropy. Let us get to know her better in this edition of Designerspeak.

Tell us about you. What do you do? What have you studied?

I am an Instrumentation Engineer by education. Currently, I am the founder of ArtyJoy, a brand that designs, makes and sells Zentangle inspired and Geometric pattern art and Objet D? Art for Home, Workspace Utility and Decor. I am also a freelance fashion designer, zentangle artist, philanthropist who works with kids in need and a gardener.

What sparked your interest in fashion designing?

I am an artist. I love playing with patterns and colours. I think fashion designing gives me that freedom - to play with different fabrics, colours, textures, styles, freedom to express my creativity. I feel the best thing in fashion designing is that there is no rule book, one can fantasize, visualise and dream and turn it into a reality. The trigger I think came with my own shopping experiences - which have been such that I have always been disappointed with the choice of colours, design and fabric(combination of ) that the shopping malls provide me. It got me thinking - why not design apparel to my taste?

How did you come to be part of the hashboosh community?

I came across an article on young entrepreneurs featuring Hashboosh as a crowd-designed fashion store in a magazine supplement of Indian Express Newspaper. I visited your site and got really excited. I always look forward to exploring new possibilities & new learning experiences. So, I decided to participate and send my design

What are your emotions when you see your sketch come to reality?

When I visualise something and it becomes a real thing, and its right there, in front of you - every design feels like a little dream come true! That moment fills me up with a great joy and a deep sense of satisfaction.

What's your design aesthetic?

I keep the design as simple and minimalistic as possible; I enjoy simple pleasures of life and that includes things in my wardrobe too. I like design classics for their timeless quality. I also like to keep it utilitarian, it has to be wearable, not an outlandish piece for just the ramp.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Anything around me inspires me, some shape, a leaf, a geometric pattern... I draw inspiration from all those beautiful things around me. My biggest source of inspiration is nature. It?s not easy at all - to funnel down your inspirations into a good design. I also struggle with it. I don?t know how it is for other people trained in art or design, but for me it takes a lot of working, several iterations. But sometimes, it just happens in a flash!

How do you start to translate your inspiration into design?

I first visualise it, then I sketch it, try to include various elements into my design. Make changes, remove a bit here, add a bit there, keep improving it until it feels right.

How do you keep yourself up to date with current and future trends?

I draw inspiration from various websites, brands and online shopping places.

Do you design with any one in mind? A muse?

I always design with myself in mind. I sense that people can appreciate my design only if I feel good with it, if I am happy and content with what I am designing.

Are there any types of styles that you avoid wearing? Tell us more about your style

Most important thing for me is comfort. I prefer cotton fabric because it suits my body type. I avoid loose-fitting fabric. I tend to go for the elegant understated look, the classic. But I like to play with one or two elements, not too many. Something has to stand out, something has to flatter the wearer. And yes, the dress (design) has to work for the wearer, not the wearer work for the dress.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started designing?

Biggest lesson that I have learnt is to always follow my heart. There may be times, when your designs are not upto the mark, not liked and appreciated by others. Take that as a learning experience and better myself each time without compromising on my individuality.

What is your dream project?

My dream has always been to bring a smile on everybody?s face or just make people happy. Be it my zentangle art or my fashion design. I guess my dream project would be to set up a business where my serendipitous ability to design would benefit women who society has left behind... to enable them to earn by making, selling such design. I like to hope that in this process, I would make everyone happy.

Other than designing, what are you most passionate about.

Two things actually. I feel we are failing our children in the way we are educating them, bringing them up. Having worked with children with lesser opportunity, I feel our system of education actually strips kids of individuality, of uniqueness and just tries to put them all in some mould someone else decided. A little love and caring, and a lot of individual attention - which the already burdened child is so deprived of, can go a long way in enabling them realise their own true potentials. Second, I am very passionate about my Zentangle and exploring geometric pattern art.

What do you love most about

It gives an opportunity to a person like me who has not had a formal training in fashion designing. Hashboosh has always been loving, caring and appreciative of my design work. I was really excited to see my name in the most popular designers? list, being from a non fashion design background, this was a proud moment for me. People talk about the Design Economy... I think Hashboosh is a pioneer in making design-for-all, design-by-all a very real possibility. I think Hashboosh is doing some great work here.

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