5 Chic Casual Dresses

5 Chic Casual Dresses

Gear up and shop with your girls in these super cool dresses.

Girls, even when you’re out shopping for more dresses you gotta look like you already own ‘em! You’d start off with a little bit of shopping and then perhaps something to give you energy to shop even more, and then well now that you’ve got till here why not a movie! Your plans aren’t always sure perhaps but your dress should.

So here are 5 trendy dresses to shop IN!

1. Floral Fun Dress

Out for some shopping fun with your gal-pals? How about these floral prints on this super cute dress. The crushed white and green combo on this one will definitely make people just stop and stare!

2. Floral Tropica Dress

Be it window gazing or maybe even actual shopping, when you walk past those windows in this colourful collared dress, you are going to make people just fall in love with these prints and frills on this Flora Tropica Dress.

3. Shirt Shrug Dress

This unique black shirt shrug dress is what’s going to be on your friend’s shopping list. Won’t they all just love the pockets, buttons and flaps on this one? Put on your shades and make ‘em drool!

4. Regal Dress

How about a simple pink and white combo to stand out when you’re out shopping at the mall. The puffed sleeves on this one is a head-turner for sure and when you look a bit closer, there are some elegant gold and white motifs on it overall making the dress a super cute attire for some shopping fun!

5. Puffs & Pleats Dress


Looking classy and fab is a must when you’re shining in your new look with your friends. The gorgeous dusky pink colour of this one along with its puffy sleeves are bound to leave people awestruck!

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