5 Striped Dresses To Serve Glamour This Season.

5 Striped Dresses To Serve Glamour This Season.

Stripes are dope ! Shop from our wide range of striped dresses for her.
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Every stripe is a new story and the gaps in between, the distance towards new beginnings. Stripes, when it comes to garments, add the everlasting impression of courtly beauty. From stripes that run down the length to short ones that cut across the dress, they come in all varieties, and when it comes to striped dresses our collection delivers, with the promise of perfect execution. Here are our top five picks.

1. Bluebellvine

Like the glorious bluebells that carpet the forest bed during springtime making it lovely, this dress augments the beauty of its wearer with its warm embrace. The dress comes with a straight waist and a gathered sleeve style.

    2. Holi-mode

    A striped dress ripe in ethnic aura! The seemly presence Holi-mode vouches for is simply wonderful. Featuring a crew-neck, a set of puffed sleeves that are short, the dress also comes with a flared hem.

      3.  Diva's Striped Dress

      What makes a diva-diva ? The confidence that comes along with it, of course and Diva's Striped Dress is just the right bundle of confidence you need to set the stage on fire! It comes with plain sleeves and a gathered and fitted waist.


      4. The Ribbon Hug

      When, in the gentle breeze of a Monday morning the ribbons flutter with its nimble grace, The Ribbon Hug is a dress that mimics the brilliance. The dress features puffed sleeves and semi-flared hem.


      5. Skyline

      Stripes shouldn't be fun, said no one ever! With a dash and splash of cheerful colours, Skyline is the go-to dress for the bold. With cape sleeves and gathered waist, the dress also has a normal hem.

         Let the saga of stripes pave the path towards fine dressing ! Check out our website for more.