5 Must Have Dresses Below ₹1500

5 Must Have Dresses Below ₹1500

Invest in timeless pieces without going over budget. We present to you dresses that are worth your time and your money.


A dress is a beauty supplement you can wear, but it should be accessible too. A good dress consists of excellent material, an exquisite-timeless design, and most importantly, should be well within your budget. The last part is ever so decisive, hence Hashboosh’s dresses have been curated with your ease of access in mind. Here are our top five picks.

1. Choc-Berry Swirls

It is striped, chocolate, and reminds you of something sweet! This classy navy blue dress features a flared hem, fitted and pleated waist and short sleeves.

2. Lines & Textures

A dress that’s a hotline to instant variety on-the-go. This unique white and black multi coloured dress comes with a fitted waist and flared hem.

    3. Starry Night Pleats Dress

    It’s something different. And in a sea of monotony, being different is a rarity to be celebrated. This stunning multi-coloured dress features abstract and micro print with puffed sleeves, flared hem and round neck with micro-gathers.

    4. Pastel Blob Dress

    A good pastel dress just never goes out of style! This classy white and multi pastel dress featuring q white yoke comes with pued and smocked sleeves and a curved v-neck.

    5. EF-Flowers

    Elegance is the best dress to wear, and EF-Flowers provides its wearer with just that, cuteness too! A chic oral dress featuring a square neck with micro pleats, short & puffed sleeves, a tie at the neck and a double layered hem.

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