5 Essential Pastel Colour Dresses For A Timeless Wardrobe

5 Essential Pastel Colour Dresses For A Timeless Wardrobe

It’s the perfect time to experiment with sugary shades and splash your wardrobe with candy-coloured hues, isn’t it? With soft, muted and distinct patterns and styles, browse our wide range of beautiful pastel dresses.
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Someone once said pastels are an easy pick to represent all things happy! And we have found out from our experience that it is, indeed true. Romantic, trendy or casual, pastels are perfect for every occasion. Since they never go out of fashion, they can be worn year after year. We’ve also got the right designs to show off your looks. Here are Hashboosh’s top five picks for timeless pastels.

1. Pink Falls Dress

There is something about powder pink that is not only strikingly gratifying to the eyes, but also positively soothing to the soul. This pink and white dress comes with a gathered waist and flared hem. It features a square neck and has vertical stripes flowing down its length.

2. Skyline's Charm

When it's time for a splash of colour, uttering outfits and new hope, Skyline’s Charm is what you should wear. The dress features a puffed sleeve maxi dress with a fitted and pleated waist and has buttons running down the front

    3. The Ribbon Hug

    It reminds you of a warm embrace at a summer meadow but is also perfect when it's time to take action at the office or stay confident on your date night. The Ribbon Hug is just versatile like that. A stunning dress in white, peach and pastel blue with vertical stripes featuring a semi-flared hem, puffed sleeves and boat neck.

    4. Pastel Blob Dress

    This dress is a modern luxury, a must-have for braving the evergreen trends and also, for a gentle life. A classy white and multi-pastel dress featuring a white yoke with puffed and smocked sleeves and a curved v-neck.

    5. Bubblegum Fantasy

    It's sweet, cute, and doesn’t compromise when it comes to highlighting your looks. Flaunt this exquisite dress which features a gathered waist, normal hem and cape sleeves. With lining at its yoke, it comes with a close neck collar.

      With a touch of innocence and a touch of everything pastel, place this particular design at the top of your wardrobe. Visit our website for more.